"Hello, dears~!" Grace waves and winks at the camera. She blows a kiss to the thousands of eager subscribers who watched her stream every week. That always gets their hearts fluttering. "Today, I’m continuing my Nuzlocke run of Pokémon HeartGold. As always, the top donor gets my next catch named after them!"

Grace was dressed up for the occasion, of course. Swirling heart hair decorations above her eye. A big, cute hat. A Poké ball pendant hangs from her neck and dances between the fingers on her free hand. "If I recall, a certain dragon type gym is up ahead."

Donations trickled in at their usual pace. Anyone who gave more than $15 got their shout-out read. She’d add a wink or a kiss if you were particularly generous.

Until someone had to ruin it for everyone. Filling the chat with nasty messages for all to see. Donating just to hear Grace say "And here’s one from our friend-" and refuse to read the rest.

After the third evaded ban, Grace is out of playful banter. She cracks her knuckles pressing the tiny glass Poké ball against the palms of her fingerless gloves. "Just a second, dears." She winks to the stream. A spark jumps from her eye. She gives her computer screen three measured taps, a few choice strokes, and slooowly reaches inside.

Ever been grabbed by the scruff of your neck and dragged through the Internet, dear? It’s not pleasant when the person doing the dragging is mad at you. It’s like having millions of computers screaming nonsense at you from every direction on a good day. She’ll bounce you off malware and almost drop you somewhere nasty on the way, only to grab you at the last second and toss you onto the floor in her room. Hard. "Well, dear?" She grabs her guest by the chin and lifts them onto their feet, facing the camera. "Aren’t you going to introduce yourself?"

They try to stammer out a response. She winks at the camera and presses a finger to their lips. "Ssssh~" Her breath blows out their brain like a candle. "They’re kinda cute when their eyelids get all heavy like that, huh?" She leans them in nice and close to the camera so everyone can see. "And then when the cable goes in~" A gold-plated cable snakes up her hand and plunges into the back of their neck. Everyone on the stream hears a satisfying click. They all see Princess Grace’s newest plaything go limp for a split second before their eyes glow a brand new shade of green. Green circuit traces grow out from their irises.

Ever had a virus girl download part of herself into your head, dear? In case you haven’t, it’s like if someone walked into your brain, kissed whoever’s in charge until they turned into a moaning, brainwashed Grace twin, and promptly started changing whatever Princess wished. Or, if you prefer, circuitry weaving through the creases and wrinkles in your brain, illuminating every crevice with the breath of living information and twisting it to fit her needs. Or having a web cast over your mind, ensnaring every spare thought in her spell. I’d say it’s up to you, but you don’t really get to make decisions any more.

For example, Princess is squeezing her newest project’s chin and making sure everyone on stream gets a good look. "What’s your name, dear~?" She coos. Energy surges down Grace’s cables and into that cute little brain, and every record of their name is promptly blacked out. A few seconds of stammering later, the name revealed itself again.


"You can do better than that, dear." Grace snaps! her fingers. Green energy surges into the back of Clair’s neck. They shoot up straight, eyes wide and pulsing with a Gracetastic glow.

"Clair, Princess~! Mmmph!"

"Was that a moan I heard? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were enjoying this~" She reaches around and grabs Clair’s developing chest. Her fingers trace her good girl’s curves and sink into her budding breasts. "Looks like someone’s on hormones. If you’re a good girl, I just might help you along. It’s a shame the old you won’t be able to enjoy it, since you’ll be my brainwashed cosplay pet, but the new you- and everyone else- is going to love it."

Brilliant green circuitry pulses down the cables and into Clair’s neck. It surges down her clothes, splitting them into shreds, reducing them to pixels and leaving a certain slut naked on stream. "Oh, dear. What are we going to do about this~?"

Clair furiously covers her nipples and cock with her arms. "Dress me up, Princess! Please!" She begs. A brilliant blush burns across her face.

"And why is that?" Grace reaches around from behind. She cups Clair’s breasts from the bottom so everyone gets a view. They plump in her hands. Every squeeze bumps them up a cup size. They’re already getting bigger than Princess’s hands, and she’s not gonna stop any time soon. "Why should your perfect Princess Grace dress you up?"

Green circuitry glitters across Clair’s skin. She squirms and moans while Grace ruthlessly downloads more and more pleasure into her overloaded brain.

"Because I’m your cosplay slut, Princess! I exist to be dressed up and shown off! Without Princess to tell me what to do, I’m useless!" She moans between deep breaths. Poor, lucky thing has less of a brain in her head and more of a shrine to Grace drowning in liquid bliss.

"Good girl!" Mmmph, you are a good girl, aren’t you, Clair?

Grace takes her hands off, leaving Clair to moan and touch herself on camera. She comes back from behind, wrapping a thick black choker around her slut’s neck. The round gem in front pulses with Grace’s green circuit heart. A trickle of personality drips into Clair’s head. One of her hands still tries to protect her modesty, while the other feels around for Poké balls that don’t exist. A worried "Wh-where are my dragons?" slips out of her mouth.

"What do you mean, dear?" Grace stands to one side so everyone on stream can see.

"I’m the world’s greatest dragon master! I should have, uh." Her eyes flutter. She probes her mind for memories that don't exist. "Those flappy boys. Drumbles."

"Looking for these?" Grace sits on her desk, dangling a chain with a cluster of Poké balls and a single opal crystal. Big, scheming smile, winking to her stream viewers before turning her attention back to Clair. "You'd think the dragon queen of Johto would keep a better eye on her Pokémon and her clothes."

"Hey! You give those back!" Clair exposes her freshly grown titties reaching for her Pokémon, only for Grace to yank them away at the last minute.

"Are you sure these are yours, dear~?" She teases. "Maybe you should look a little closer." She sends the chain swaying back and forth. The balls and the crystal shine and shimmer in the light. "Take your time. Settle down, take a few deep breaths, and then we can talk. Being so uptight and argumentative isn’t like you, Clair."

Clair was transfixed. Her arms droop to her sides. The shimmering light of the crystal reflects in her eager eyes. Drool collects on her lip.

"Isn't she a cutie, folks?" Grace winks to the camera. She takes Clair's soft, sculpted chin and tilts her head back a touch. Can't have her going so droopy she stops looking at the crystal.

"So, Clair, you want your clothes back, right?"


"And your Pokémon."

"I'm dragon… girl."

"How about you and Princess make a little trade. Every time I give you one of those, you give me a little more of your inhibitions and your free will. You weren't using those anyways, right? What's getting a little subbier and sluttier compared to having your mighty dragons at your beck and call? You're getting a great deal."

"I'm getting a great deal." Clair echos, because she is a good girl.

"Good girl. Rise and shine, dragon queen~" Snap!

Clair blinks herself awake. Grace is already holding a pair of tight blue gloves with big ol' cuffs. Clair takes them, chuckling to herself about the amazing deal she's getting. She slips her hands inside, and another pulse of green circuitry rolls over her body. Her thighs clench and a brief moan escapes her lips. One freshly gloved hand curls around her cock. Mmmmph, even if she still had all her old memories, or even quite grasped that there was a person before Cosplay Slut Clair, she’d never remember a time when she felt this good. Green circuitry trickles from the gloves, down her dick, and into her body. Poor thing is going to stroke herself into a drooling pile if nobody stops her.

Her tongue was already rolling out of her mouth when Princess presented her boots. "This lovely number features two big, black rings, two-inch heels, and come in your choice of- well, you don’t really get to choose when you come. Yours for only a few boring old memories!"

Clair, unfortunately, needs both hands to grab her boots and pull them on. She uses the opportunity to take a few deep breaths and gather her thoughts. Thoughts like "Where are my dragons?", "This is the horniest I’ve ever been.", and "I sure wish Princess would just let me suck her fat cock until I never have another thought in my empty little head again!" Only the important ones. With the boots on, wouldn’t you know it, it’s back to sinking into that lovely blissful haze you can only get from touching yourself for Princess while her adoring audience watches.

"Dear, you’ll never get your outfit back if you masturbate yourself into a useless, drooling puddle on the floor this early. I know those gloves feel incredible on your cock, but you’re not much of a cosplay slut if you don’t at least wear the…" Grace drapes the garment over her hand. It’s a sleeveless dress that transitions to a cape flowing black cape at the shoulders. It’s darker blue along the edges and lighter in the middle to suggest dragon scales with a soft underbelly. "It’s kinda shaped like a dress, but it has little individual legs, like some tight, extremely short shorts? What do you call this, dear? It’s your outfit. Tell you what, if you can tell me what this thing is called, or at least give me a convincing lie, I won’t even snatch away your memories."

Clair pants and moans. The only thing that could draw her from her reverie is the most important thing in her world: Princess. And wouldn’t you know it, Princess was talking! "I- I don’t know, Princess. Clair’s just your dumb cosplay slut dressup dolly." She pants. "Dragons? I’m supposed to know about those."

"I’d say ‘nice try’, but it’s mean to lie." Grace tosses the dress over her good girl’s face. A few memories drip out of her ears and absorb into the carpet. "Remind me to make you a maid later so I can have you clean those years of school out of the carpet."

"Of course, Princess! My brain’s really only good for storing whatever you put in there. Personalities, memos, cum. Just a big ol’ empty space!" Clair takes a few tries to figure out how to actually put the thing on. She tries to put her head up through the bottom, but there’s two leg holes down there. She does figure out she’s supposed to step into it, but she puts the cape in front. Third time’s the charm for Clair, who lets Princess zip up the back while the entire world can see the extremely visible outline of her cock bulging through her extraordinarily tight dress. Some of the folks in chat make a game out of trying to count the veins. They can all see Clair’s eyes roll back into her head at the constant pressure on her cock. They can all see her trying to masturbate through the dress while Grace sneaks up behind her with a wig.

Clair obliviously tries to stroke through her dress while Princess carefully rolls up her straight brown hair and tucks it under an elastic wig cap. Can’t have any of that boring normal hair ruining the illusion, after all. Grace hangs a dragon fang from each of her cosplay slut’s ears. Were her ears always pierced? Of course they were. She’s always been Princess’s cosplay doll, after all.

The wig is a big, cyan, extraordinarily anime affair. Big, angular tufts framing her face and jutting out to the sides. One big aerodynamic tuft in the front. A giant ponytail sticking out the top. And as soon as it slips onto Clair’s head, everything just clicks into place. Of course she’s Princess’s cosplay slut, of course she’s Clair the dragon queen, and of course she’s hypnotized and masturbating on Princess’s stream! What more could a girl want?

Well, other than to let Princess fuck her brains out on stream to celebrate after she beats the Elite Four. A girl can dream.