Princess rests her arms on your shoulders. Today, she whispers "kigu kigu~" in your ear. You go all nice and limp in her arms. When she snaps you back, you're covered in flesh-colored rubber. You can only look out at the world through green eyes framed by synthetic blue hair.

She straightens your maid outfit and gives you a hug. You always look like this, of course. Nice and perfect for Princess.

Golden blonde locks frame your face. Your perfect lashes flutter while your cloudy eyes blink. Your body is limp and clad in endless layers of frills and pink. All you can do is gaze at yourself in the mirror with a big, dumb smile.

"I'm a pretty princess~"

You've been in doll mode all week. You don't know what mindset you'll have until you look in the mirror in the morning and see how you're dressed.

Guess you're a housewife today~

Sometimes the gears in your dolly brain have to turn for a while. Big, elaborate blonde wig? Frilly, polka-dotted dress? Red high heels? Then it clicks. A big, empty smile spreads across your face. You grab your feather duster and go to make breakfast!

Next day of doll mode. Pink pixie cut. Star earrings. Cute green dress. Cute wings and a vibrating magic wand. Today, you're Princess's fairy godmother, ready to grant her every wish!

You wake up today with your hair tied into a big, bouncy ponytail. You brush your pink pleated skirt into place and admire your midriff-bearing top with Princess Grace's name on it. You rustle your pom-poms and cheer for your perfect princess!

"Princess! Princess! I obey!

I can't think for myself today!"

Princess Grace! One! Two! Three!

I'm a good girl, tee hee hee!"

Shiny silver wig. Matching makeup. Stiff steel-colored dress, decorated with switches that control parts of your mind and buttons that tease and delight. Stockings with circuit traces. You're Princess's robot today, and you can't wait to be hacked!

Princess lures you into an argument, only to turn your rebelliousness knob all the way down. You feel much more like baking a pie now.

Every time Princess reboots you, you forget your name. Good thing she's there to remind you. Slutbot 9000 is a hard name to remember!

The thing about doll mode is that the more skin Princess leaves showing, the more of your old personality you get to keep. A cheerleader outfit leaves you mostly yourself, just a lot perkier.

A maid outfit keeps most of your mind buried under frilly lace and the feathers on your duster. It helps you maintain that wonderfully demure personality, even while she spanks you and has you play Duster Butt.

You might say "But what about when I'm naked? I'm completely blank then!" That's because your natural state is wonderfully blank and open for Princess. You'd know that if you were allowed to think right now.

If Princess really wants a blank slate, she likes to cover you in latex. A nice bodysuit seals in your horny juices and keeps you still. A perfect little toy until Princess puts you to work.

But you just look so cute inside a kigurumi. Every inch of your skin hidden and subsumed by your new personality. Sometimes you even have cute little bouts of amnesia and need Princess to help you put your silly little brain back together!

It's the mask that really throws you for a loop. Having your identity suppressed for a while gets you so horny for reasons your new brain can't quite understand~

Last day of doll mode. You go to the mirror and you're wearing nothing.