Emily always got up before Grace. She'd always get up to her alarm, roll out of bed, and, if Grace didn't join her in the shower, meet her at the closet. Today was a meet at the closet day. Grace's hands landed on her shoulders.

Emily tensed up for the briefest second and let herself relax. "Morning, Emmy~"

Emily rolled her neck and fell into Grace's arms. Big, happy smile. "Morning." She looked up at her lover. Grace's fingers combed through her hair. She let their eyes meet.

"Princess wants you deep." The words wash over Emily. Her eyes flutter peacefully shut. Her body falls limp in her princess's arms. "Good girl." Emily moans when she hears those two special words. It didn't look like she could get limper, but there she goes.

"Today, my pretty little dolly, we're gonna be twins." Grace reached into the closet and pulled out a short blonde wig with a pink streak over the right eye. Emily's hair is rolled up and tucked underneath.

Her happy, empty eyes watched her own transformation in the full-length mirror with a distant smile. Grace Classic finished drying her dolly off and threw the towel into the bathroom. She'd have the maid get it later.

"And when you wake up, dear, silly little Emily's going to still be asleep. For the rest of the day, you're gonna be my little Gracie. You love computers, sticking it to the man, and hypnosis. Of course, you're too smart to fall for a pretty girl swinging a pendant.

You've never been hypnotized, but every time you pick up something dangly, you find your gaze stuck to it. I never said you were good at it~"

"I'm a good little Gracie~", the girl formerly known as Emily cooed. Her head flopped on her limp neck. Grace Prime moves her little twin's head around with the gentlest touch of her fingers.

"Yeah you are. Let's get you dressed, okay?" Grace Alpha snaps her fingers, and Grace Beta's eyes flutter open. She stumbles to her feet- and has no problem at all with Grace Prime feeling her up.

She throws her hip out to the side while her eyes slide across the closet. They slide across Emily's clothes like they weren't even there. Both Graces take a pair of lacy black panties and a matching bra.

New Grace needs a little chest stuffing, and a few whispered words erase that detail from her mind.

"Hmm." New Grace picks out two T-shirts. "What do you think? P♡P ST☆R or HYPN♡ T♡Y?"

"Better go with the second one. I know how much you love hypnosis." Grace Classic takes the P♡P ST☆R shirt and tugs it on over her head. Both Graces throw on a denim half jacket and a plaid miniskirt.

Green and blue for Grace Classic, red and yellow for New Grace. Black and purple stripey thigh-high socks for Original Recipe Grace, rainbow for Extra Cutie. Both girls step into their boots and get ready to start the day!

"Your turn to make breakfast!" Grace Beta chimed, already on her way to the couch. "I'm thinking waffles and scrambled eggs and-"

Grace Alpha pulled her power glove onto one hand, turned her girlfriend around with the other, and gave her a gentle poke on the forehead. "Pause." New Grace's jaw hung open. Her eyes stick where they are- crossed and looking at Grace Classic's finger.

With her girlfriend safely frozen, she hops across the kitchen, fetches her favorite apron- pink with "Brainwash The Cook" written on it- and puts it on her girlfriend. She takes her chin and angles her head up just a touch.

"Rewind ten seconds. Inject code echo literal 'You won the coin toss fair and square. I'd love to make breakfast for you, Grace. I love you so much.' end literal." She pokes her forehead again. "Play."

New Grace blinked a few times. "You won the coin toss fair and square. I'd love to make breakfast for you, Grace. I love you so much." She smiles and makes her way to the fridge.

Grace Beta happily hummed to herself, scrambling eggs and preparing toast. She paused only when two magic words wandered into her ear. "Ghost mode". Her eyes fluttered, and she went right back to buttering toast.

She could feel Grace Alpha's hands lifting her skirt, cupping her butt, and straightening her hair. The gentle kiss of a pair of lips against the back of her neck made her giggle and blush.

"H-hello?" She clenches her thighs when her unseen girlfriend's fingers slide between her legs. She turned around and looked right at Grace Alpha- but her mind wouldn't let he see the blonde, even after a nose poke and a kiss on the forehead.

"Welcome back", she whispered. Grace 2's eyes fluttered. The mental block vanished. She greeted her girlfriend with a hug and went back to the eggs.

"Hey!" Grace the Second turns around while she pulls the liquid eggs into big, fluffy curds. "You didn't flip a coin! We said we'd take turns!" She huffed and plated out two matching breakfasts. She even stamped her foot while she sprinkled shredded cheese over both plates.

She crossed her arms, shifted her hip to one side, and leaned against the counter. Still in her 'Brainwash The Cook' apron, of course. "Grace, is there something you're not telling me?"

"Okay, Grace. You got me." Grace the First laughs. "You've been hypnotized this whole time, and I'll do it again because I know you love it."

"Please." New Grace rolls her eyes. "You couldn't handle it. I think we both know who wears the pants here."

"Yeah, it's the one not wearing an apron."

Well, New Grace didn't like that. She pulled off the apron, neatly folded it, and set it on the counter. "Yeah? We'll see about that. I've been saving something for just such an occasion." She storms off to the bedroom.

Old Grace follows close behind.

"I've been saving this for just the right moment." The Grace formerly known as Emily stomped to 'her' dresser and picked up an old favorite- the finely cut and polished opal gemstone at the end of a silver chain.

She reached for the real Grace's chin and swung the pendulum. "I want you to take some nice, deep breaths for me, Grace. Just watch the pretty stone swing back and forth. Let it dance in the light and dazzle your eyes."

"I agree. It does look pretty. So pretty, I bet you can't take your eyes off it. Completely transfixed by the crystal." Grace Classic smiled. She watched her good little girlfriend fall under her own spell.

"I love watching the crystal. I love Princess Grace. I love letting her think for me." She slipped into her old mantra.

"Good girls stay right there. I'll be right back." A kiss on the cheek left the hypnotized Grace blissfully repeating those three special sentences to herself while the other went back to the closet.

Emily- not that the poor thing could remember either of her names at the moment- watched the crystal. She moaned when (her perfect princess) Grace ran her hands down her girlfriend's limp, eager body. She lifted up one arm and watched it flop back down to Emily's side.

"Good girl." That got Emily to move- if only to press her thighs together to help stand the wave of pleasure. "You did such a good job at pretending to be a human. You can finally take a load off your mind and go back to being the good pony you always were."

"Mmm, a good pony?"

"A very good pony. Sometimes you get these wild ideas in your head about being a human. You're pretty good at it. You definitely have the pretty girl you live with fooled. She doesn't notice your big, silly hooves or your horn."

Grace slides the clothes off Emily's body. Ponies don't wear clothes, after all! Grace guided Emily, still staring at the pendant, into her suit. Her feet stepped into shiny, rubbery hooves. Her skin vanished under a white latex wave.

One hand slipped into a hoof, and, eventually, the pendant hand had to go back to Grace, who dangled it for her pretty pony. A simple white horn poked up through her hair. Her real hair, even. Grace had taken the wig back.

Emily is reminded, with the help of a gentle nudge, that ponies walk on all fours. A Snap! wakes her up.

"Ready for breakfast, Emmy?"

Emily drops to all fours. Her Princess Grace sits on her back and enjoys the ride. She plucks the plates of eggs off the counter and directs her trusty steed to the couch. She let her latex pony climb onto the couch and curl up on her lap while she ate. She loved days like this.