So, there you are. Your little white bunny dutifully pushing words around to edit rules and solve ever harder puzzles. Occasionally undoing when you accidentally break the chain that lets you control your character. You're having a grand old time when a new sprite slides onto the screen one tile per tick. You squint at the rules on the screen. You didn't even change anything, much less notice this when you started the level. You hit undo a couple times, but the blonde sprite with her pink streak simply slides closer to the center. You try to push rocks and even your character in her way, but it just gets a kiss and turns into another cute little blonde sprite. Their corresponding nouns in the level twist and change into GRACE. She grabs WIN and gives it a nice, long kiss until it slides into TWIN. A few light, mischievous notes twinkle from your speaker.

"Guess you'll be here a while~" She teases. Grace sits up on the big pink YOU block and gingerly kicks her cute little sprite legs. You hammer the reset button, and the level resets, but she's still there and happily turns more parts of the freshly reset level into more of her. At first, they respect the grid and only move when you move. The more you reset, the faster the ticks come and the faster she can take over the level. You try to open the menu, but the options explode into more Grace sprites, tinkling across the screen. Before long, it's just you, countless Grace sprites testing the boundaries of the screen, and Grace Prime sitting on YOU. Gingerly kicking her heels against it. You try to alt-F4 out of the game, but it just makes her laugh.

The Grace sprites push the last block into place. GRACE IS YOU. Your monitor flickers off so you can see your reflection. Your hair turning a short, immaculate blonde. A proud pink streak shooting over your eye. Well, it's her eye now. Her face. Her scheming smile. Her breasts. Her curves. Her mind. The crackling information that makes up her being. There's not really much of a 'you', is there? Maybe a little that got swept up, but, well, you're much cuter now. <3


a pixely Grace with her brown jacket and her T-shirt and her plaid skirt and everything.

Art by