Princess snaps your silver spandex into place. A simple blue mask pretends to hide your identity. A red cape hangs from your shoulders. Her crystal dangles before your eyes. "And what is your name, dear?"

"I'm the Silver Star, crusader for truth and justice!" You chirp. "I'm here to fight villainy!"

"And who, pray tell, is your biggest nemesis?" Your princess asks. She pulls her black silk top hat down over her forehead.

"Why, the malevolent Mesmatrix, of course! With her fiendish stage shows, she's bringing the whole city under her thrall one audience at a time!"

"And where are you right now, hm?"

"On stage, right in front of her, insisting that the Silver Star is way too powerful to ever be hypnotized by a cheap harlot like her!"

"And what kind of delightful, humilating things is Mesmatrix going to make you do?"

"Gosh, she'll probably make me touch myself in front of the audience, reveal my secret identity, and use my powers to help Miss Mesmatrix carry on her crime spree!"

"Perfect. Wake up in three. Two. One." Snap!