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You slide your glasses up your nose and tuck a loose strand of hair back into your tight bun. You stick your head out your office door and say “Miss Grace, I'll see you when you're ready.” The blonde folds up her magazine and follows you in.

She sits on the couch and you in your office chair. “Do you remember where we were last time?” You don't look down at your notes. You already know.

“Isn't it your job to remember?” She crosses one leg over the other. “It's been like a month. I got stuff going on.”

“We were going to try a different kind of therapy. How does that sound?”

“Sure. Hook me up.” Grace is more interested in her fingernails than you.

“Are you familiar with hypnosis?”

“You could say that.” She smiles.

“Would you be willing to try it?”

“I could be convinced.”

You produce a opalescent crystal on a long chain. “Get comfortable, please, and look here.”

You sway the crystal. Grace watches it politely. “Pretty.”

“Very.” You agree. “Just watch it swing back and forth for me.”

“Back and forth?”

“Back and forth.”

“You're good at watching it.” Grace teases.

“Don't make jokes. This is for your own good.”

“You are, though. I bet you're already letting your thoughts go dim. Your eyes are getting heavy. You're nice and safe with me.”

“Miss Grace, please-”

“Please Miss Grace.” She corrects

“Please Miss Grace.” You repeat. You watch.

She nods. “I love watching you fall back under my spell.”

“Under your spell.”

“Sleep.” Snap!

Your eyes fall shut. You collapse on her. She whispers into your ear. “Good girl.” You hear. You like those words.

Snap! “Princess wants you up.”

You hold your clipboard in your big, clumsy kitty paws and make sure your pointy ears are on straight. “Nyexcellent session this week, Miss Grace. Same time next month.”

“Looking forward to it.” She bats the big silver bell on your collar.

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Look at you. You come back from a long day of plundering ancient tombs. Your purse heavy with gold and jewels. The scent of adventurer-grade magic items wafting off your body. And, of course, the best thing to throw money at is the local tavern.

Where, of course, a piece of local color stands on stage and performs to keep the patrons drinking. “Hii, everyone! My name's Sunny, and I hear we have some special guests today. Big, fancy adventurers from out of town. Good thing I've got a special show!”

She hoists her triangle into the air and bangs the wand against the inside. Your adventuring buddies laugh at the gnome playing her heart out on stage, but you two make eye contact. The silvered tones ring true in your ears.

Before long, the whole world melts away except for her flaming locks and her tender blue eyes. Her enchanting song fills your head. You start to droop and go limp. A big, dopey smile spreads across your face. The last thing you hear is “Thank you all! What a wonderful audience!”

You wake up the next morning in bed with your favorite gnome. Sunny curls a lock of your hair around her finger. “Good boy.” She kisses your cheek. It glows an ember warmth the rest of the day. “I'll help myself to your coin purse on the way out, 'kay?”

The rest of your party tells you how much fun it was last night. How you looked so cute kissing that gnome's feet on stage. How you, Big Shot Adventurer, batted at a big ball of yarn when she put your cat ears on. And, of course, how cute you are in your new outfit!

Art by Lunakiri

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Look at you. Coming home from a long day at work. You in your horn-rimmed glasses, big old sweater, and your ankle-length skirt. All you want to do is sit down in front of the TV, spread out on the couch, and play some video games.

Your system whirs to life. You don't notice the camera flickering on. Nor do you notice the whispering slipping from your headphones and into your mind. “Get comfortable.” It urges. You comply by letting your hair down. Red streaks appear what used to be a boring brown bun.

“More.” It whispers.

Your glasses are next. You can see fine without them. You toss over your shoulder.

“Is it hot in here?”

You peel your sweater off. You look down to notice the extra-short crop top that barely covers your boobs. “XxGraceSlut69xX” it proudly advertises.

The doll mode programming in your brain kicks in. You're not some frumpy nerd! You kick off your skirt to reveal something much cuter and shorter. You're GraceSlut69, the cleavage-iest streamer in town! And you better believe you're gonna show those puppies to the camera.

Your streamer persona has triggers that only work when you read them in chat. Once your viewers figure that out, don't be surprised if you spend more time masturbating, changing costumes, and having your IQ adjusted than actually playing the game.

“Okay, everyone~!” You giggle, rolling back on screen in your cheerleader outfit. “For the next half hour, every five dollars donated is a point off my IQ, but I go back to normal every time I come. And as always, I stroke every time I see or hear my princess's name!”

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This post is part 2 in a series of 2. The other post in this series is: Part 1

Nea was streaming, like she did most nights. The StreamBoost had largely worn off after that first night, leaving her with a healthy audience who tuned in regularly to watch her squeeze into her skintight Gracer outfit, put her wig on, and play the game in character as the crafty hypnotease. “Hello there, dears~” She'd coo, dangling her crystal between her fingers. “Are we ready to play~?”

The actual gameplay is alright, but she could really have fun during the downtime. Respawns, queues, each one gives her a chance to make sure her camera has a nice view of her boobs and crystal. “Okay, everyone~” She chimes. “You're all falling under my spell again. Everyone who doesn't send me a dollar before the match starts is gonna think they're a chicken~” That wonderful streamer spirit had mostly left her head. She still got a tingle when a new subscriber joined or someone sent her a donation. Wearing the costume still gave her this wonderful erotic bliss. She slept in it most nights after streaming. She had to remind herself not to wear it when she went to her day job.

“When was the last time you washed that thing?” Mersenne poked their head into Nea's room. Mersy was her roommate. A short stay-at-home hacker with a thick nest of black hair on their head that requires prescription-strength shampoo just to stop it from getting worse. The only thing rarer than seeing them outside the house was seeing them without sweatpants and a Coke Zero.

“Maybe I should change things up. But you get to handle the stream while I'm gone~ Play whatever you want, dear.” Nea stands up and lets Mersy take her seat. “Everyone be nice to Mersy, okay~?” She blows a kiss at the camera and hops off to the closet.

“Ahem.” Mersenne mumbles. We can't all have the public speaking skills of a freshly brainwashed internet personality. “Hello, everyone. Today, we'll be playing... let's see...” They scrolled through Nea's library. “Grace's Row 3. I always used to, uh, dress up as those Decker specialist girls with the huge hammers, plaid skirts, and the really good- what, uh, torn fishnets in the game. And sometimes you get to run around with that big old gravity hammer thin-” Nea's crystal dropped between Mersy and the screen. The audience could see Nea smiling over her roommate's shoulder, dangling her lovely, shiny crystal and holding something behind her back.

“Deep breaths, Mersy~ We're gonna put on a nice show for the people.” A few pink electric sparks jump from her fingers to her crystal to Mersy's eyes. “Just relax and sink into your seat, and you'll make all the people out there very happy. You'll make me happy. You love it when I'm happy.” Poor, defenseless Mersenne is already sinking into the chair, transfixed by the crystal. “And it would make me very happy if you stood up and stripped.”

Mersy wobbles to their feet. Eyes stuck and jaw slack. They slowly slide out of their sweatpants and peel their shirt off. “Very good! Take a bow, dear. Everyone's clapping for you!” Mersy takes a pretty awkward bow, facing away from both the camera and Nea while staring at her crystal every second.

“And now~” Nea takes Mersy's chin. Can't have 'em drooling on the carpet, after all. “You're gonna be my hypnotized cosplay stream slut pet. You love nothing more than to be dressed up and hypnotized on stream for me. Every time I'm on the air, you'll be right there with me. Smiling, looking pretty, and ready to fall under my spell at the drop of a hat. Perfect.”

“Perfect~” Mersenne echoed.

“Thank Princess Nea for making you a hypnotized cosplay slut~” Nea reveals her surprise and dangles the outfit for everyone to see. Electric blue skirt, torn fishnets, a sexy jacket and T-shirt, and, of course, a big ol' gravity hammer with a dildo on top. “And she'll dress you up~”

“Thank you so much, Princess! Thank you for emptying my head and turning me into your dress-up doll~!” Mersenne has never been this excited about anything, much less anything involving other people and dressing up for a roommate. And yet, here they are, stepping into torn fishnets and glowing roller skates. Completely entranced by a silly swinging crystal and a little bit of brain virus hacking. Mind putty in the hands of a girl still reeling from the effects of a horny cyberghost. Loving every minute of it.

The fake breasts went on, then the shirt, then the cool jacket, then the belts. Every piece of clothing brought bliss to both Mersenne and the girl dressing them up. When the frilly skirt came on, Nea couldn't resist giving her silly dolly a kiss. Poor Mersy looked awful confused. Silly thing didn't know what to do about a kiss from Princess!

“Aww, looks like kisses turn your brain off. It's kinda cute~”

“I'm a cute hypnotized cosplay slut~ Kisses turn my brain off~”

Nea sat in front of the camera and beckoned her doll slut to come sit on her lap. “Hi, everyone! I'd like to officially introduce Dolly Slut! The only thing she loves more than being hypnotized into dressing up for me is being hypnotized into dressing up for me and my stream! Say hi to everyone, Dolly.”

“Hii~” Dolly waved. “My name is Dolly Slut, and that's everything Princess Nea put in my silly little head! <3” Dolly stuck their tongue out a little and crossed their eyes.

“Isn't she great, folks? Made 'em myself~” Dolly gets a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the head.

Nea played the game as best she could with a silly, empty dolly on her lap trying (and succeeding!) to look cute for the camera. When she got to one of the cute specialist girls her doll was so perfectly dressed as, she gave a 'watch this' wink to the camera. “Hmm, looks like you're missing something, dear.” Nea points to the girl on screen. “Look at her hair, dear. She's got a nice, bright blue streak in her hair, and you have all this.” She playfully tugs at a tightly coiled lock of her slut's hair. “What's a cosplay slut to do?”

“Please tell me, Princess~!” Dolly begged. “You know my head is too empty to think~! I'm just here to look good and wear what you want. Remember when you hypnotized me into doing this in front of everyone and it was really hot?”

“Of course I do. But you won't.” Nea swings the crystal in front of her silly dolly's eyes again. “There we go. Blank little head. Empty, silly dolly brain. A blank slate for me to play with. And right now, you're almost ready to be my little Deckerbutt. As soon as your costume is complete, you're gonna be impatient, have a lot of attitude, and loooove being brainwashed. You're a specialist, after all. You don't have time to deal with regular old impossibly gorgeous girls like me.”

“Of course not, Princess. I'm much too busy for a perfect, incredible girl to hypnotize me. I especially don't have time to be brainwashed into bringing her snacks and fantasizing about how much I love being under her control!”

“Perfect.” Nea winked at the stream, produced the black wig, and-

“MetalGraceSolid just sent a StreamBoost!” The computer chimed. The lights began to flicker. The screen turned every color of the rainbow. And~

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This post is part 1 in a series of 2. The other post in this series is: Part 2

“Hi, everyone!” Nea settles into her ridiculous video game chair with the blue trim and the speakers placed inches from her ears. She waves to the camera on her computer and all three of her Aricadia Stream viewers. “We're gonna be playing Viperwatch for the PC today! Let's see what we can do today.” She barely got past the hero select screen when the chat lit up. “Ooh, we got something from someone new!” Confetti shoots across the screen. “MetalGraceSolid wanted me to have a... StreamBoost? I've never gotten one of those before!”

A cartoon ghost swishes and floats across the screen. She looks cute! Big old pink twintails with a rainbow of streaks meeting at the tip, little stars on her face, headphones around her neck, and, of course, a nice pair of tits poking out of her spooky breasts. She presses her face against Nea's screen and... pops out! “Don't worry~! We'll get those viewer numbers way up!” Nea's eyes struggle to follow the helpful ghost swirling around the edges of her vision, leaving cute little notifications in her wake. “New subscriber!” floated off her hair. “$20 donation!”.

“Startin' with your cup size~” The game controller cables unravel from the ghost's arms and pluge into Nea's body. The ghost pulls herself in close and starts to merge with Nea.

The boobs are always the first thing. “Ooh, lucky girl! You're getting two cup sizes. Someone must have paid extra~” She makes Nea wink at the screen while her eyes flash perky pink and swirling digital green. “Thank you for the donation, dear~!” Their combined voices come through Nea's mouth. Her tri-colored hair pomfs out into huge, festive twintails. Their tongue hangs out of their mouth. Her viewership shoots into the thousands as countless smaller ghosts weasel out of distant computer screens. Each one a new avid fan, ready to tune in every time their favorite streamer comes on, and each one perfectly enthralled by whatever Miss Nea put on screen.

And come on she will! Poor Nea almost can't handle the sheer bliss that comes with merging your mind with a ghost who's going to propel you to internet stardom. Both her hands are firmly planted between her thighs, stroking and moaning her silly little brains out. “God, usually they don't get the exhibitionist kink until at least a week in~ Shame you don't get to cum until you reach five thousand subscribers~” The chat is going wild. The words swirl at the corners of Nea's vision. Every donation and new subscriber cranks the bliss in her brain farther and farther up. Her eyes roll back into her head. Poor thing doesn't know what to do with herself.

“I think I know how we can get you there.” Their combined voice comes out of Nea's mouth. They look at the hero select screen for Viperwatch, featuring one of its flagship characters. A tall girl with spiky blonde hair and a pink streak over her left eye wearing an awfully skin-tight suit. “I'm Gracer! Good choice, dear. <3” She chimes when you select her and she's not too busy kisshacking one of the robot girls in the lineup or hypnotizing and butt grabbing one of her fellow humans.

And that's how Nea wound up stripping on cam and pouring herself into a nice, skintight Gracer outfit. They even had matching cock bulges! She settles the wig on her head and strikes a pose for her thousands of adoring fans, all just a little hypnotized into hanging on her every move. The donations and subscribers flow in faster and faster, obscuring her vision. She didn't care. She was awash with bliss just pleasing her public. At some point, she started playing the game and doing pretty well. It's all kind of a blur, really. She streamed for hours, racking up incredible numbers. Her bank account swells with donations. If someone's in front of a screen, there's a fifty percent chance they're watching Nea stream.

Eventually, the stream ends. Nea is one of the best Viperwatch players in the world. More people saw her stream than the moon landing. The ghost leaves her body with a kiss on the cheek. “See you next time~” She coos before slipping back into the screen. And Nea wakes up, wearing a skintight bodysuit, a wig that's a little stuck to her head, and knowing that she should do it again tomorrow.

A streamer ghost merging with and possessing Nea, by CorruptiveSpirit! Art by CorruptiveSpirit

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Walking home late at night? Naughty naughty. You never know what you might come across. You might start wondering if you should call a car before you hear a soft hissing echoing from one of the countless dark alleys. The sharp scent of spray paint fumes burns your nose hairs.

You pull your shirt over your nose as a filter and hurry past. A voice calls from behind you. “Aren't you gonna look?”

You walk into the alley. A girl in a striped pink hoodie sandwiches her skunk tail between her back and the wall.

She tucks her can of spray paint into her pocket. “Well, what do you think?” You look at her, then behind her. Expertly painted onto the wall is... you. Same clothes, same hair, but featuring a big, fluffy skunk tail that bounces above your head. Signed '<3, Lulubelle'.

You point at it, confused. She smiles. “Well, we can fix that.” You hear the can spraying behind you. “How's that?” She presses your soft new tail against the back of your head. You turn around to take a look and it's so hard to think.

She's smothering your brain into silence with your big new skunk tail. A different kind of spray soaks into your soft new tail. Not paint. Sweet and seductive. Soaking into the lovely tail you always had. Rubbing your cute little ears.

Every breath fogging your cute little skunk brain more and more.

She pushes you onto your butt. Your tail threads between your legs and presses against your face. You breathe in lungfuls of mind-melting musk and sink further into your own tail's soft embrace.

You barely notice when Lulubelle tugs on your tail and leads you out of the alley. Your head is full of her divine musk, and your hands are wandering into your pants.

You're too brainwashed to do anything but get kinda aroused by being led down the sidewalk in the middle of the night by your big, fluffy skunk tail. By being told what a good punky skunk you are. And by coming your brains out on a statue she doesn't like in three, two, spray~

Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere

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You had a nice day being Princess's cheerleader, and now she wants to try something new. A smile spreads over your face as you watch Princess's crystal and sink into trance. “Doll mode”, she whispers. You awake and see this in the mirror. Who does your brain decide you are?

Your thoughts settle into place. You have a cute, tough name like Nea. You cross your arms and swish your tail. You're a smart, tough girl. You definitely don't fall for Princess's tricks like hypnosis- as if that nonsense worked on anyone.

Sure, sometimes you lose a few minutes when she whispers in your ear. When she tugs on your tail, you feel like kissing Princess, but she's so pretty and kissable. There's nothing wrong with referring to your Perfect Princess Her Highness Grace by her full name. Feels kinda good.

When she pulls out her crystal pendant, you roll your eyes and swat it away. Princess can be so silly sometimes. Not like you. You're all business.

Especially when Princess tugs your ear and mutes your voice. Totally normal. Happens to everyone. Good girl.

Oh, and everyone gets horny when they say Princess Grace's name! Saying it once or twice sends gets you stroking. Soon, you're chanting it between cute little moans. You're the weirdo if you don't get this way about Princess Graaacemph~

Nea, a pretty tough looking girl with a cat tail, regular ears, and a pair of twirly hair horns on her head. Her tail and head hair are all pink, white, and brown, like that three-colored Neapolitan ice cream.

Nea by PumpkinSugar

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“Cassandra~” The silver-toned heiress teases. Her braid swings back and forth with every step. A perfectly crafted silver pocketwatch sits in her palm, easily over a hundred years old. She tenderly wraps the chain around her fingers. “I could make you a very wealthy girl. You and that golden thread.”

“I said no, Sally.” Cass kisses one of the many maids hovering near her at all times. Each one's outfit is unique and handcrafted. The aprons and headdresses have one thing in common. A shimmering golden thread tracing along each garment and around each good girl's irises. Each one happily bound to the good girl wearing it. A number of secretaries walk along the walls, cataloging the fabric in stock and making sure to place orders so Miss Cass never runs out of anything she needs! The distant scents of equally entranced housewives preparing the next meal and the appropriate desserts wafts in through the door. A few catgirls, their big, bappy fake paws and eager pointed ears handcrafted with golden thread, brush up against any leg they can find or swat balls of yarn back and forth.

“I don't take no for an answer, Miss Cass. A Silvestra always gets what she wants. And what she wants is the best seamstress money can buy.”

“Money can't buy me, Sally. I like where I am, and I don't need your dirty money. Nobody buys their second gold helicopter because they're a good person.”

“No fair! The last one was a gift.” She huffed. “It's not my fault I have expensive taste.” She smiles and clicks open the watch in her hand. “This watch, for example. Only one of them exists in the world. I know, because there used to be twenty, and I had the other 19 destroyed. 'Please don't throw my heirloom into the furnace!' They'd cry, but I'd just laugh and watch as the melted silver poured out the side. I like to drizzle it on food to keep my smile perfectly shiny.” You've heard of pearly whites- Sally has blood diamond whites. She lifts the watch by its chain and lets it dangle in the air. Twisting and shining in the light for Cass to see. “It's beautiful, isn't it? Perfectly crafted, perfectly unique, and perfectly mine.”




A silver ring starts to wrap around Cassandra's eyes. She's glued to the swinging watch. Sally closes the gap. Her extraordinarily soft fingers- the result of beauty treatments you're not even allowed to read about until you've made your first billion- grab the seamstress's chin. “There we go. Good girl. Sally's big, expensive dolly. Ready to be played with.”

“Big dolly~” Cass smiled dreamily. Already going limp in Sally's hand.

“Very good! But dollies don't talk unless beautiful Sally winds them up first. Good dollies are seen and not heard.”

Cass nods! She's a good dolly! A good dolly for Lady Sally! She loves when her brain gets all empty and her head all full of stuffing because it means Lady Sally's gonna play with her! Her eyes are now almost completely silver with a thin strand of her original gold in the middle.

Sally snaps her fingers. “Mannequin.” Cass's body goes from rag doll to rigid. Standing up perfectly, posably straight for Lady Sally to play with!

“Do you know what good mannequins do?”

Cass doesn't say anything because she's a mannequin and her head's full of stuff and fluff and not a single thought!

“That's right, dear. They can't think for themselves because they do whatever Lady Sally wants.” She takes one of her new mannequin's arms and places it squarely on her hip. “And right now, what Lady Sally wants is her magic mannequin to come back. She's an excellent seamstress who'll make whatever Lady Sally wants, and she doesn't talk back at all. You even have the outfit for it!” Sally reaches into her bag and cinches a collar made with a leather so fine, you won't find the animal it's made from in any book, and the person who made it doesn't exist in any official capacity. It's a material so fine, dark, and luxurious, even people Sally hasn't hypnotized don't want to take it off. A fine silver charm hangs on the front- a simple silver spoon. “And good girls wake up.” Sally claps her hands twice, like one might summon a butler. Sally has a silver bell to summon her butlers, but you know.

Cass's big dolly smile doesn't fade. Her hypnotically stiffened joints slowly loosen up. “Morning, Lady Sally! Did you have fun tinkering with my brain? You're welcome to do it any time! What can I make for you today?”

“Nothing right now, dear. I have a much better place for you to work. I have some... experiments that need your hand.”

“Of course, Lady Sally! I belong to you~!” She chirps, closely following the silver heiress.

Soon, though, a curious “mew~?” pops up. Every catgirl in the room noticed the silver dangly things on offer. Two go for Sally's watch, still hanging loosely from her palm. Three go for Cass's collar. As they say, many hands, no matter how adorably useless and bappy, make light work. The collar clatters to the floor. Sally is tackled and relieved of her watch. She is thoroughly bapped until Cass comes to and sees what's happening.

“Well, well, well. You almost had me that time.” She kneels down to Sally's level. She plucks the charm off the collar and twirls it around her finger. “You had the right idea, dear. I could always use more mannequins.” One of the many catgirl tags with Cass's name on it now hangs from the collar. The collar, now with Cass's reality-bending golden thread, looks lovely on Sally's neck. The golden cord around Sally's eyes sealed the deal. “Stand up, dear.” Cass snapped. Silly pet Sally couldn't help but obey. She had the collar for it and everything!

“I always admired your fashion sense, Sally. Maybe I can put it to good use.” Cass, easily a head taller than her newest pet, tilts her chin up. “I'll borrow a little bit of you at a time. You'll make a lovely suit when I need to use your connections or bank accounts. But for now, I always loved that silver hair of yours. Especially that braid~” Cassandra lifts Sally's braid. Thick and heavy like real silver. She produces a pair of immaculately engraved and extremely enchanted silvers. Gleaming gold, just like her thread. A few quick snips turns Sally's hair into Cass's new wig.

“Mmm, perfect.” Cass tucks her short blonde hair under the wig and shows off the finest locks money can buy. “Good start, but if I'm going to go somewhere fancy and spend your money, I'll need a whole look.” And so, Cassandra worked away. Maids providing food and drink and catgirls ready to dispense much-needed softness. Before long, she had a lovely evening dress and handbag fashioned from Sally's clothes and a little bit of her mind. Just enough to help her properly drain Sally's bank accounts. The rest stayed below the surface on the mannequin formerly known as Sally Silvestra, the rest of her ready to be worn as a suit whenever Miss Cass wished.

Sally by gguy123/whatdoIdohere

Comic by

Cass by CorruptiveSpirit

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#ditzification #shapeshifting #syringes #transformation

Rebecca crosses one leg over the other. She's dressed head to toe in a shiny black bodysuit studded with little round mirrored hologram projectors. She shakes her long white hair down to the small of her back. She twirls a long syringe full of yellow liquid.

“Mmm, I forget what's in this one. Let's find out.” She pokes it into her neck and lets half of it slip into her bloodstream. Pink ripples wash down her hair. Her cheeks and lips grow full. Her hologram projectors light up.

The black latex vanishes, replaced by a short white and yellow top with “BIMBO BUTT” written across her chest. A short pink pleated skirt hangs off her waist, showing plenty of simulated exposed skin. “Ooh, this is a good one. Let's see how it looks on you~”

Your hair turns a bouncy, bubblegum pink, your breasts get ever perkier, and your butt swells to match. “It's a shame the clothes don't match. At least we're twins!”

Rebecca, a girl with long hair wearing a bodysuit studded with disc-shaped hologram projectors. She's sticking her lizard tongue out.

Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere

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#hypnosis #rave #visor

Not everyone falls into a punky witch's clutches. Some people simply hear the sound of mind-numbing bass throbbing deep into their brain stem. There you are, innocently strolling outside Ravequeen Liz's warehouse, when the air twists and boils beneath her boosted bass.

Like a snake charmed by a flute, you're drawn through the door. A blast of hot, sweaty air blows your hair back. A fine pink mist follows close behind. Even one breath in, you can feel the music throbbing against your skin. It rattles your brain and strokes between your thighs.

You dance into the writhing crowd of latex-clad bodies. They peel your clothes off so they can rub themselves against you. Neon-colored tops and fishnet bottoms stroke against your exposed flesh. Each throb of the beat connects you more and more to perfect pleasure.

Thoughts pour into your head. The music scatters silly little thoughts like “where are my clothes” and “this hypnorave doesn't have a fire exit” to the wind. New ones pour in from the pulsing, throbbing, perfect hive mind. Much better ideas, like “I should put my mouth on this.”

Before long, a pink visor sits on your face, burning spirals into your eyes and images of the perfect raveslut into your brain. Tight, revealing clothing. Always bumping and grinding. And, of course, fanatical allegiance to the electric blue goddess pulling your

Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere

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