Rebecca crosses one leg over the other. She's dressed head to toe in a shiny black bodysuit studded with little round mirrored hologram projectors. She shakes her long white hair down to the small of her back. She twirls a long syringe full of yellow liquid.

"Mmm, I forget what's in this one. Let's find out." She pokes it into her neck and lets half of it slip into her bloodstream. Pink ripples wash down her hair. Her cheeks and lips grow full. Her hologram projectors light up.

The black latex vanishes, replaced by a short white and yellow top with "BIMBO BUTT" written across her chest. A short pink pleated skirt hangs off her waist, showing plenty of simulated exposed skin. "Ooh, this is a good one. Let's see how it looks on you~"

Your hair turns a bouncy, bubblegum pink, your breasts get ever perkier, and your butt swells to match. "It's a shame the clothes don't match. At least we're twins!"

Rebecca, a girl with long hair wearing a bodysuit studded with disc-shaped hologram projectors. She's sticking her lizard tongue out.

Art by gguy123/whatdoIdohere