"Cassandra~" The silver-toned heiress teases. Her braid swings back and forth with every step. A perfectly crafted silver pocketwatch sits in her palm, easily over a hundred years old. She tenderly wraps the chain around her fingers. "I could make you a very wealthy girl. You and that golden thread."

"I said no, Sally." Cass kisses one of the many maids hovering near her at all times. Each one's outfit is unique and handcrafted. The aprons and headdresses have one thing in common. A shimmering golden thread tracing along each garment and around each good girl's irises. Each one happily bound to the good girl wearing it. A number of secretaries walk along the walls, cataloging the fabric in stock and making sure to place orders so Miss Cass never runs out of anything she needs! The distant scents of equally entranced housewives preparing the next meal and the appropriate desserts wafts in through the door. A few catgirls, their big, bappy fake paws and eager pointed ears handcrafted with golden thread, brush up against any leg they can find or swat balls of yarn back and forth.

"I don't take no for an answer, Miss Cass. A Silvestra always gets what she wants. And what she wants is the best seamstress money can buy."

"Money can't buy me, Sally. I like where I am, and I don't need your dirty money. Nobody buys their second gold helicopter because they're a good person."

"No fair! The last one was a gift." She huffed. "It's not my fault I have expensive taste." She smiles and clicks open the watch in her hand. "This watch, for example. Only one of them exists in the world. I know, because there used to be twenty, and I had the other 19 destroyed. 'Please don't throw my heirloom into the furnace!' They'd cry, but I'd just laugh and watch as the melted silver poured out the side. I like to drizzle it on food to keep my smile perfectly shiny." You've heard of pearly whites- Sally has blood diamond whites. She lifts the watch by its chain and lets it dangle in the air. Twisting and shining in the light for Cass to see. "It's beautiful, isn't it? Perfectly crafted, perfectly unique, and perfectly mine."




A silver ring starts to wrap around Cassandra's eyes. She's glued to the swinging watch. Sally closes the gap. Her extraordinarily soft fingers- the result of beauty treatments you're not even allowed to read about until you've made your first billion- grab the seamstress's chin. "There we go. Good girl. Sally's big, expensive dolly. Ready to be played with."

"Big dolly~" Cass smiled dreamily. Already going limp in Sally's hand.

"Very good! But dollies don't talk unless beautiful Sally winds them up first. Good dollies are seen and not heard."

Cass nods! She's a good dolly! A good dolly for Lady Sally! She loves when her brain gets all empty and her head all full of stuffing because it means Lady Sally's gonna play with her! Her eyes are now almost completely silver with a thin strand of her original gold in the middle.

Sally snaps her fingers. "Mannequin." Cass's body goes from rag doll to rigid. Standing up perfectly, posably straight for Lady Sally to play with!

"Do you know what good mannequins do?"

Cass doesn't say anything because she's a mannequin and her head's full of stuff and fluff and not a single thought!

"That's right, dear. They can't think for themselves because they do whatever Lady Sally wants." She takes one of her new mannequin's arms and places it squarely on her hip. "And right now, what Lady Sally wants is her magic mannequin to come back. She's an excellent seamstress who'll make whatever Lady Sally wants, and she doesn't talk back at all. You even have the outfit for it!" Sally reaches into her bag and cinches a collar made with a leather so fine, you won't find the animal it's made from in any book, and the person who made it doesn't exist in any official capacity. It's a material so fine, dark, and luxurious, even people Sally hasn't hypnotized don't want to take it off. A fine silver charm hangs on the front- a simple silver spoon. "And good girls wake up." Sally claps her hands twice, like one might summon a butler. Sally has a silver bell to summon her butlers, but you know.

Cass's big dolly smile doesn't fade. Her hypnotically stiffened joints slowly loosen up. "Morning, Lady Sally! Did you have fun tinkering with my brain? You're welcome to do it any time! What can I make for you today?"

"Nothing right now, dear. I have a much better place for you to work. I have someā€¦ experiments that need your hand."

"Of course, Lady Sally! I belong to you~!" She chirps, closely following the silver heiress.

Soon, though, a curious "mew~?" pops up. Every catgirl in the room noticed the silver dangly things on offer. Two go for Sally's watch, still hanging loosely from her palm. Three go for Cass's collar. As they say, many hands, no matter how adorably useless and bappy, make light work. The collar clatters to the floor. Sally is tackled and relieved of her watch. She is thoroughly bapped until Cass comes to and sees what's happening.

"Well, well, well. You almost had me that time." She kneels down to Sally's level. She plucks the charm off the collar and twirls it around her finger. "You had the right idea, dear. I could always use more mannequins." One of the many catgirl tags with Cass's name on it now hangs from the collar. The collar, now with Cass's reality-bending golden thread, looks lovely on Sally's neck. The golden cord around Sally's eyes sealed the deal. "Stand up, dear." Cass snapped. Silly pet Sally couldn't help but obey. She had the collar for it and everything!

"I always admired your fashion sense, Sally. Maybe I can put it to good use." Cass, easily a head taller than her newest pet, tilts her chin up. "I'll borrow a little bit of you at a time. You'll make a lovely suit when I need to use your connections or bank accounts. But for now, I always loved that silver hair of yours. Especially that braid~" Cassandra lifts Sally's braid. Thick and heavy like real silver. She produces a pair of immaculately engraved and extremely enchanted scissors. Gleaming gold, just like her thread. A few quick snips turns Sally's hair into Cass's new wig.

"Mmm, perfect." Cass tucks her short blonde hair under the wig and shows off the finest locks money can buy. "Good start, but if I'm going to go somewhere fancy and spend your money, I'll need a whole look." And so, Cassandra worked away. Maids providing food and drink and catgirls ready to dispense much-needed softness. Before long, she had a lovely evening dress and handbag fashioned from Sally's clothes and a little bit of her mind. Just enough to help her properly drain Sally's bank accounts. The rest stayed below the surface on the mannequin formerly known as Sally Silvestra, the rest of her ready to be worn as a suit whenever Miss Cass wished.

Sally Silvestra, wearing a fine dress and showing off the kind of healthy-looking braid you can only get when you have more money than God.

Sally by gguy123/whatdoIdohere

Cassandra, the golden-haired seamstress, making a housewife dress. This piece by @Tanukeki@twitter.com

Comic by @Tanukeki@twitter.com
Cassandra posing with a maid outfit

Cass by CorruptiveSpirit