1. Cool
  2. Street Smart
  3. Attractive
  4. Flexible
  5. Book Smart
  6. Good Judge of Character
  7. Fast
  8. Good Hearing
  9. Good Eyesight
  10. Strong
  11. Tough


  • Fitting into tight places
  • Disguise
  • Forgery
  • Hiding in plain sight


  • Gambling
  • Climbing ropes and such
  • Knives
  • Sneaking Around


  • Gunfighting
  • Cryptography
  • Strategy
  • Safecracking


  • Upper Class
  • Bribery Etiquette
  • Prestidigitation Implant Training
  • Contortionist


  • Prestidigitation Implant
  • Robot Legs
  • 2 Skill Chip Slots


  • Silenced Brainchild 9mm pistol
  • 3 9mm casettes
  • Phantasm taser revolver
  • 6 taser rounds
  • 2 flank holsters
  • Service vest body armor
  • Pygmy terminal at apartment
  • Magdrive data storage
  • 2 Magcables
  • HUD glasses
  • Rappelling harness
  • Monowire stiletto knife

  • 1 syringe Stannicene
  • 10 tablets Humor
  • 10 tablets Homeopathy
  • 10 tablets Caffenatrix
  • 4 syringe Ichor

  • 1250 bytes

Physical description

Victoria Lake is a woman that’s tired of life. It’s the sort of thing that happens when you’ve got a pointless corporate job that keeps you in nice things. She lets out a slow sigh, swirls the drink in her glass, and looks past the data streaming over her HUD glasses to watch the city from her apartment.

In her daily life, there’s really only one thing she can wear. A dendraweave suit so dark, light barely escapes its surface. It’s basically vacuum-sealed to her body. Every curve covered exactly. Her hips, chest and shoulders are on full display. Her outfit meets corporate standards to the millimeter. Her electric blue tie in a perfect trinity knot. A single blue streak breaks up her shiny black hair, from her bangs to the bun you could bounce a quarter off of. Completely color coordinated down to her eyes and lips. Her pencil skirt ends just in time to show off the regulation amount of skin before you reach her simple flat shoes.

The only thing that makes her electric eyes shine any more is the thrill of doing something wrong. She loves breaking the rules. And the only thing that scratches that itch any more is crime. She undoes one of the buttons on her impossibly crisp button-up shirt. There’s a tiny pneumatic hiss when she breaks the seal. She throws the shirt and jacket behind her. The pencil skirt falls around her ankles.

At the drop of a hat, she’s ready to cat burgle. Dark, matte dendraweave covers everything from the neck down. Pouches full of slim tools and weapons, hooks and rings to attach climbing equipment to, and sealed shut to leave no trace. She trades her glasses out for a pair of goggles. Can’t have them falling off when you’re gracefully backflipping off a building with a briefcase full of emeralds, after all. It’d ruin the only time she smiles these days.

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