Look at you. You come back from a long day of plundering ancient tombs. Your purse heavy with gold and jewels. The scent of adventurer-grade magic items wafting off your body. And, of course, the best thing to throw money at is the local tavern.

Where, of course, a piece of local color stands on stage and performs to keep the patrons drinking. "Hii, everyone! My name's Sunny, and I hear we have some special guests today. Big, fancy adventurers from out of town. Good thing I've got a special show!"

She hoists her triangle into the air and bangs the wand against the inside. Your adventuring buddies laugh at the gnome playing her heart out on stage, but you two make eye contact. The silvered tones ring true in your ears.

Before long, the whole world melts away except for her flaming locks and her tender blue eyes. Her enchanting song fills your head. You start to droop and go limp. A big, dopey smile spreads across your face. The last thing you hear is "Thank you all! What a wonderful audience!"

You wake up the next morning in bed with your favorite gnome. Sunny curls a lock of your hair around her finger. "Good boy." She kisses your cheek. It glows an ember warmth the rest of the day. "I'll help myself to your coin purse on the way out, 'kay?"

The rest of your party tells you how much fun it was last night. How you looked so cute kissing that gnome's feet on stage. How you, Big Shot Adventurer, batted at a big ball of yarn when she put your cat ears on. And, of course, how cute you are in your new outfit!

By https://www.deviantart.com/lunakiri/art/Yeah-I-stole-it-So-690293655, A gnome standing in front of one of those crime  measurement things they photograph arrested people in front of. With her flaming hair, she's a little over 3 feet tall. She's got a leg of mutton slung over her shoulder and holding her music triangle in the other hand.

Art by Lunakiri