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“Excellent.” The pen vanishes. The scroll promptly rolls itself back up. Lily plucks it out of the air and tucks it into her jacket pocket. Nice and safe by her cold, shriveled heart.

Lily withdraws her tail just in time for Gwen's clothes to vanish. Consumed in brilliant white and gold flame, they were sent to Lily's closet to wear and play with later.

As soon as Gwen screws up, she's gonna get hypnotized into pleasuring Lily with her mouth while the demon wears the fancy princess dress. Lily strokes the princess's breasts and gives her a quick tailsqueeze.

For now, the clothes swirl around the former princess and roughly put themselves on. The black button-up shirt squeezes her chest in and pushes her breasts up and out. Even with the matching vest and jacket, she's showing off plenty of cleavage.

The pencil skirt swoops on, pressing in her waist and popping out her hips. The stockings press her legs into sharp, perfect specimens, and the heels make her even taller.

The princess gets to keep her sword, though it now matches the rest of the color scheme and is decorated with pulsing red demonic runes. “Unfortunately, we don't just make demons on the first day. It's something you have to earn.”

Mmmph~! Lily's an excellent kisser! Her lips are perfectly moist and soft. She knows exactly what to do with her tongue- which in this case is 'let it snake into your body and pull out the little golden wisp that is your soul'.

Having your soul plucked out is a little like having someone unscrew a lightbulb in your brain. Everything else works just fine, it's just a little dimmer. Lily breaks the kiss and lets Gwen look at the shining golden light of her soul before Lily closes her mouth around it.

“Don't worry, we only eat souls on special occasions these days. We'll keep yours somewhere safe.”

Lily makes a big show of swallowing, but the soul is sent to a vault somewhere. “And to make sure everyone knows you're my good little assistant (to the) manager~”

She reaches into her coat- the same pocket where she put your contract, you thought- and pulls out a headband with a pair of fake horns. Ivory-colored plastic horns that curl around the sides of your head, just like Lily's.

She slips them on the former princess, where they promptly stick to her head. The horns funnel idle thoughts into her mind, like having a radio constantly tuned to 66.6 FM, Radio Lily inside your head.

It funnels thoughts like “I love working for Lily” and “I sure hope Lily kisses me again” and “I sure would love to do whatever Lily says” into your head constantly. It's easy enough to tune out.

You don't even have to pay attention to it as it seamlessly slips ideas into your brain. Especially the really good ones like “It would be really hot if Lily brainwashed me right now” and “I want to be a hypnotized imp for Lily!”

Lily snaps her fingers and summons a secretary.

“One of my many assistants will be happy to fill you in on your first assignment. Good luck~!” She blows you a kiss and waves you both out the door.

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#demons #Lily

You finish the summoning circle and chant the incantations. The candles are lit. The conditions are right. A pillar of brilliant golden light shoots from the floor. A proud, regal figure walks out of the light and bumps into the invisible barrier.

“Someone's done her homework.” Her golden sandal slides against the chalk circle. Her long spade-tipped tail idly flicks against the barrier. Sparks scatter to the ground. “You wouldn't believe how often I get summoned and they just let me wreak havoc.”

“Surely you summoned Lily of the Planes for some reason.” She runs a manicured hand along her polished ivory horns. “Looking to make a deal, perhaps? Money?” She lounges on a mighty hoard of illusory gold coins. She flips one against the barrier. It's got her winking face.

“Power?” The coins vanish and she sits behind a fine mahogany desk, feet kicked up. “Running for office very popular these days. I've always preferred a nice, simple coup.” She twirls her peaked cap around her finger and throws it straight up.

It turns into a spotlight shining down on her. “Perhaps a legion of roaring fans? I could get you a recording contract like that~” She snaps her fingers, and a lengthy scroll cascades from the sky. “Sign on the dotted line, and you're famous.”

You're shaking. Nervous. You don't want to make a deal. You don't even want to make eye contact. You're protected from the hypnotic tones of her voice and the calming warmth of her presence, but you can't help but listen to every melodic word. You clear your throat.


“Are you asking me out~?” She squeals. “That is so cute! This isn't an escort thing or making someone else jealous, is it?”

You shake your head.

“Well, you'd have to let me out.” She teases. “And I can't guarantee you wouldn't end up my pet. I have that effect on humans~”

“I'd take good care of you. Get you fitted for a nice collar-” She's twirling a collar around her finger. Smiling as the braided hellsilver glints into your eyes. “-I'd even pretend to be your girlfriend when we meet your parents.”

“Your parents are cool with their daughter giving oral sex on demand to her demon girlfriend, right?”

Look at you, all blushing and flustered. You shuffle to the summoning circle and smudge the chalk away with your foot.

And that's how you got tackled and fucked silly by your new demon girlfriend on the basement floor.

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