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Ah, GoodGirlCon! You step up to the convention center with a smile. Passes are so hard to get, you thought you wouldn't get to come this year! The only problem is that you couldn't get a cosplay together in time. How's everyone supposed to know who your favorite good girl is? You'll have to tell them with your mouth like some kind of casual!

Ah, but what's this? You're wandering through the dealer alley when you come across a girl dressed for all the world like a stage magician. Tiny top hat. Short blonde hair with a pink streak over her eye. Tuxedo top and fishnets that go all the way up. Black high heels poking out from under the table. A crystal on a chain slips between her fingers. The front of her table says “COSTUME RENTALS: HOUR, DAY, ETC.” and behind her is a single-occupant changing booth draped with black privacy curtains. She catches your gaze with a smile and a wink. “Like what you see?” She nods to the racks of costumes separating her booth from the neighbors. You step in to take a closer look, and her hand is on your shoulder.

Her silk-gloved hand. Her soft hand. Her warm breath falls on your ear. “Go ahead, dear. There's no wrong choices here.” Mmph. You can feel your muscles relaxing wherever she touches. “This is a safe place where you can be anything you want to be, even if it's just for a little while.”

It's like the lights start to dim around you. The world fades to black. It's just you and her. Even the racks fade away until she picks something from them. “You don't have to worry about much. You get to leave all your worries behind.” Sometimes you catch a flash of her crystal as it slides through her fingers. It's almost as pretty as she is. Almost as pretty as the idea of leaving all your stress right here on the floor while you get to dress up. “You could be a perfect princess.” A perfectly poofy pink ball gown appears in her hands. She presses it against your chest and lets you look at yourself in the mirror. “We'd get you a crown and a scepter. Everyone would call you 'your highness'. You'd be the belle of every ball.”

The gown vanishes, and you miss it. But you don't get to linger on thoughts for long. “Or perhaps something more elaborate? A full body suit. You could wind up looking like anything. A perfect pet or a regal queen. You could leave your old body behind entirely.” Mm. Your head is nice and warm now. And it looks like a skunk! A nice, fuzzy black skunk with a pink streak running down the middle of their snout and a head of blonde hair. The eyes are big, cartoony, and a spiral of blue and green. “It could be anyone in there, and nobody outside would know. You could live out any fantasy you choose. And then, when it's all over, you can leave it all behind like it never happened. So much of your identity tied up in something Princess can put on or take off with a flick of her wrist. So much fun playing a role in front of all those people. So much of you is figments and sprites for Princess to play with, just as temporary and permanent as I wish. Your whole being scattered and reassembled with a few whispered words and a-” Snap!

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“Cassandra~” The silver-toned heiress teases. Her braid swings back and forth with every step. A perfectly crafted silver pocketwatch sits in her palm, easily over a hundred years old. She tenderly wraps the chain around her fingers. “I could make you a very wealthy girl. You and that golden thread.”

“I said no, Sally.” Cass kisses one of the many maids hovering near her at all times. Each one's outfit is unique and handcrafted. The aprons and headdresses have one thing in common. A shimmering golden thread tracing along each garment and around each good girl's irises. Each one happily bound to the good girl wearing it. A number of secretaries walk along the walls, cataloging the fabric in stock and making sure to place orders so Miss Cass never runs out of anything she needs! The distant scents of equally entranced housewives preparing the next meal and the appropriate desserts wafts in through the door. A few catgirls, their big, bappy fake paws and eager pointed ears handcrafted with golden thread, brush up against any leg they can find or swat balls of yarn back and forth.

“I don't take no for an answer, Miss Cass. A Silvestra always gets what she wants. And what she wants is the best seamstress money can buy.”

“Money can't buy me, Sally. I like where I am, and I don't need your dirty money. Nobody buys their second gold helicopter because they're a good person.”

“No fair! The last one was a gift.” She huffed. “It's not my fault I have expensive taste.” She smiles and clicks open the watch in her hand. “This watch, for example. Only one of them exists in the world. I know, because there used to be twenty, and I had the other 19 destroyed. 'Please don't throw my heirloom into the furnace!' They'd cry, but I'd just laugh and watch as the melted silver poured out the side. I like to drizzle it on food to keep my smile perfectly shiny.” You've heard of pearly whites- Sally has blood diamond whites. She lifts the watch by its chain and lets it dangle in the air. Twisting and shining in the light for Cass to see. “It's beautiful, isn't it? Perfectly crafted, perfectly unique, and perfectly mine.”




A silver ring starts to wrap around Cassandra's eyes. She's glued to the swinging watch. Sally closes the gap. Her extraordinarily soft fingers- the result of beauty treatments you're not even allowed to read about until you've made your first billion- grab the seamstress's chin. “There we go. Good girl. Sally's big, expensive dolly. Ready to be played with.”

“Big dolly~” Cass smiled dreamily. Already going limp in Sally's hand.

“Very good! But dollies don't talk unless beautiful Sally winds them up first. Good dollies are seen and not heard.”

Cass nods! She's a good dolly! A good dolly for Lady Sally! She loves when her brain gets all empty and her head all full of stuffing because it means Lady Sally's gonna play with her! Her eyes are now almost completely silver with a thin strand of her original gold in the middle.

Sally snaps her fingers. “Mannequin.” Cass's body goes from rag doll to rigid. Standing up perfectly, posably straight for Lady Sally to play with!

“Do you know what good mannequins do?”

Cass doesn't say anything because she's a mannequin and her head's full of stuff and fluff and not a single thought!

“That's right, dear. They can't think for themselves because they do whatever Lady Sally wants.” She takes one of her new mannequin's arms and places it squarely on her hip. “And right now, what Lady Sally wants is her magic mannequin to come back. She's an excellent seamstress who'll make whatever Lady Sally wants, and she doesn't talk back at all. You even have the outfit for it!” Sally reaches into her bag and cinches a collar made with a leather so fine, you won't find the animal it's made from in any book, and the person who made it doesn't exist in any official capacity. It's a material so fine, dark, and luxurious, even people Sally hasn't hypnotized don't want to take it off. A fine silver charm hangs on the front- a simple silver spoon. “And good girls wake up.” Sally claps her hands twice, like one might summon a butler. Sally has a silver bell to summon her butlers, but you know.

Cass's big dolly smile doesn't fade. Her hypnotically stiffened joints slowly loosen up. “Morning, Lady Sally! Did you have fun tinkering with my brain? You're welcome to do it any time! What can I make for you today?”

“Nothing right now, dear. I have a much better place for you to work. I have some... experiments that need your hand.”

“Of course, Lady Sally! I belong to you~!” She chirps, closely following the silver heiress.

Soon, though, a curious “mew~?” pops up. Every catgirl in the room noticed the silver dangly things on offer. Two go for Sally's watch, still hanging loosely from her palm. Three go for Cass's collar. As they say, many hands, no matter how adorably useless and bappy, make light work. The collar clatters to the floor. Sally is tackled and relieved of her watch. She is thoroughly bapped until Cass comes to and sees what's happening.

“Well, well, well. You almost had me that time.” She kneels down to Sally's level. She plucks the charm off the collar and twirls it around her finger. “You had the right idea, dear. I could always use more mannequins.” One of the many catgirl tags with Cass's name on it now hangs from the collar. The collar, now with Cass's reality-bending golden thread, looks lovely on Sally's neck. The golden cord around Sally's eyes sealed the deal. “Stand up, dear.” Cass snapped. Silly pet Sally couldn't help but obey. She had the collar for it and everything!

“I always admired your fashion sense, Sally. Maybe I can put it to good use.” Cass, easily a head taller than her newest pet, tilts her chin up. “I'll borrow a little bit of you at a time. You'll make a lovely suit when I need to use your connections or bank accounts. But for now, I always loved that silver hair of yours. Especially that braid~” Cassandra lifts Sally's braid. Thick and heavy like real silver. She produces a pair of immaculately engraved and extremely enchanted silvers. Gleaming gold, just like her thread. A few quick snips turns Sally's hair into Cass's new wig.

“Mmm, perfect.” Cass tucks her short blonde hair under the wig and shows off the finest locks money can buy. “Good start, but if I'm going to go somewhere fancy and spend your money, I'll need a whole look.” And so, Cassandra worked away. Maids providing food and drink and catgirls ready to dispense much-needed softness. Before long, she had a lovely evening dress and handbag fashioned from Sally's clothes and a little bit of her mind. Just enough to help her properly drain Sally's bank accounts. The rest stayed below the surface on the mannequin formerly known as Sally Silvestra, the rest of her ready to be worn as a suit whenever Miss Cass wished.

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Quarter Viper's arcade, The Viper Pit, has an excellent prize counter. Once you've emptied your wallet into the machines and lost your free will to all those lovely, glowing screens, you have a wad of tickets to spend. Or, more likely, spend according to your new programming.

If you spent your bottom dollar rescuing a princess, that flowing pink dress feels pretty good. If you just beat Dirt Blaster 2000, you make a lovely maid. Most Viper Pit visitors become good little mascots for the arcade until she lets them go.

A girl like Viper has to keep the prize counter stocked, of course, and she liked to try new things. One of the new things thrummed in her hands. A nice new kigurumi for the 3600 ticket tier. A cursed bodysuit, mask, outfit, and wig for the discriminating, yet hypnotized, fan.

It thrummed in her hands. wisps of fel purple magic slipping into her body. Her mind started to fog. New words wandered into her ears. “Try it on~” They urged. Viper's eyes went dim and soon lit up with brilliant pink spirals as Kigurumistress took control.

Viper's retro 90s teen look vanished beneath Kigurumistress's plain bodysuit.

The second skin came on and turned off silly little Viper for the time being. The wig stuck to her head and shrouded those silly old Viper thoughts. The mask came on, and Kigurumistress was in charge~

They share time these days, so if you fall into the Viper Pit, you never know if you'll wind up one of Viper's mascots or one of Kigumistress's hypnotized anime drones.

a 3-step TF sequence, with a hypnotized radical Quarter Viper putting on a bodysuit, a blue wig, and eventually ending up in a schoolgirl animegao kigurumi.

Art by Vyctorian

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“First things first, every magician needs an assistant. What do you think, Millie?”

Millie doesn't move because she's an empty ceramic dolly!

“Sorry, folks. I forgot that dolls don't talk unless someone makes them.” Gracetina laughs. “Normally, I would stick a big old key in her back, but we can have more fun than that. Isn't that right, Millie?”

Gracetina takes Millie's shiny ceramic chin and manually moves her mouth. “Whatever you say, Princess! You're so smart and perfect! There's no way I can think for myself~!” Gracetina says through her.

“I'll need a volunteer from the audience!” Gracetina announces, and every eye in the audience opens. The girls sit up in unison. Eyes locked on the magical princess. She takes her sweet time pacing around. Inspecting each volunteer. Taking their chin. Feeling them quiver. Listening to the sounds they make when they get the slightest hint of attention- and then the sounds they make when pink circuitry pulses up their chin, into their ears, and over their brain. Their eyes flash a lovely shade of pink, and they get all cute and drooly for a minute~

About halfway through, though, she strikes gold. A short little redhead. Her eyes are transfixed on Gracetina's fingers. When her chin is taken, her thighs clench together in raw bliss. Her back shoots up straight. She moans like she's never been touched on the chin by a brainhacked virus girl. Like she's never had pink circuitry zap from freckle to freckle, turning each one into a cute little heart. “Well, hello there.” She squeezes that chin. “Good volunteers stand up.” Pink electricity surges from her hand, through those heart freckles, and into her eyes. They roll back into her head. She has to be lifted onto her feet because her wobbling, shaking knees refuse to behave. “Ladies, what we have here is a rarity that I'm happy to share with you tonight! While everyone's at least a little subby, what we have here is a genuine hypnoslut. Isn't that right, dear?”

“Thank you, Princess~” The redhead coos, pink electricity crackling across her body and through her mind. Years of hypnosis fetishism made the paths for getting hacked by a virus girl nice and strong. “I'm a good girl, good girls obey~”

“Look at that. She's so eager to be mine, she comes with her own mantra.” She taps her good girl on the head with her wand. “Set markers minus one sentence comma now. Repeat. Inject and execute.”

“I'm a good girl, good girls obey~ I'm a good girl, good girls obey~” Her dreamy smile gets bigger and bigger with each repetition. Some of the other girls in the audience start to repeat, too. Looking into each other's eyes and chanting each other deeper and deeper under the same blissful spell. Gracetina hoists her eager volunteer over her shoulder and carries her back to waiting, empty Millie.

“Some of you might have noticed that I still don't have a beautiful assistant. All I have is a pretty dolly and a lovely little volunteer. But my pretty dolly has a secret~!” She puts the redhead down. Another Snap! and a few whispered words help the mantra-chanting redhead stand up straight. Her eyes are rolled all the way back up into her head. It's just pulsing pink circuitry now, flashing brighter with every chant.

“I'm a good girl, good girls obey~!” She moans. The trees and audience flash pink from her eyes alone. If the poor girl wasn't so brainjacked, she'd be a useless mess on the floor.

Gracetina taps her dolly's head with her wand. “Command inject prepare hot swap. Reconfigure kigu pod.” Millie's eyes roll back into her head. The gentle whir and winding of clockwork is almost drowned out by the loud, lewd chanting just a few feet away.

A tap of her wand and a long, elegant stroke create a long, shiny zipper down dolly Millie's back. Gracetina opens it with a long, elegant “zzzzzip~!” She takes her lovely volunteer by the shoulder and taps her wand against the back of her neck. The redhead freezes. Her mantra catches in her throat. “Command inject rewind eight hours. Mantra background. Memory suppress hypnosis. Literal I've never been hypnotized. It's all nonsense. End literal compile and save.” The audience stares, more jealous and horny than they've ever been in their lives.

The redhead's eyes flutter. “I've never been hypnotized. It's all nonsense.” She repeats in the same blissful way she chanted her mantra. She blinks herself back to reality. “Tina?” She looks at the hypnotist, then at the girl unzipped in front of her. Her eyes get wide, but she doesn't panic. Something inside holds her gaze.

“What do you see in there, dear~?” Gracetina teases. “Tell all the nice people in the audience.”

“It's full of spirals.” She gasps, walking helplessly closer to the Millie doll suit. “And I can hear the most wonderful music. It's echoing all over my brain. It's drowning out my thoughts~” Mmm, someone was supposed to forget about her hypnosis fetish, but you can't keep a good hypnoslut down~ She steps into Millie's feet. Her face enters the mask full of spirals and speakers. The zipper closes behind her.

If, for some reason, you've never been inside a doll suit brainwashing pod, it's a wonderful experience. The differences between your body and the suit vanish.

You only feel what you're supposed to feel.

You only see what you're supposed to see.

You only hear what you're supposed to hear.

You only think what you're supposed to think.

The pink, pulsing spirals pressing against your eyes drill the correct thoughts deep into your brain. For our lucky volunteer, it's decades of training as Princess Grace's lovely stage assistant. The screen and the speakers implant countless shows and hours of training into her eager mind. Wearing lovely, revealing outfits. Developing more and more of a fetish for showing off and being used and embarrassed in front of an audience for Princess. Countless triggers seared deeper into your mind than actual memories. You could be any number of people at the drop of your own tiny top hat. Princess to dragon. Braniac to bimbo. Medusa to maid. You know just how to pick the best volunteers from the audience for Princess to make into the star of the show, and you love sharing the spotlight as much as you love being in it. Anything to make the show perfect for Princess, because that's what she deserves. It's like having your brain marinate in perfection for an eternity of blissful service.

Outside, it's just enough time for Princess to dress you in your fishnets, your black heels, and your cute little black top that boosts your boobs. Your porcelain eyes flutter open while she affixes your cuffs and bow tie. You wiggle your butt and feel the cottontail firmly stuck to your butt. Your floppy ears perfectly frame your tiny top hat.

“Bunny Butt Dolly, ready for action!” You giggle, presenting yourself to Princess and the crowd. They all gasp and moan.

“That's right, dears!” You hear, but when Princess talks to the audience, the words just bead up and roll off your silly bunny brain. You just get to look cute until Princess does a trick with you. “I've turned two volunteers into one assistant! An impossible feat for anyone but Princess Grace, Perfect Persuader, Mistress of the Mind!”

“Don't forget 'Perfect Princess~!'” You giggle.

“Thank you, dear.” You get your ears pet. You love it when she does that because it reminds you of your place, and it means she's gonna use you! “For my next trick, I will~!”

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