Princess pats your padded butt and makes sure your layers of frills and lace are in place. She paints a pair of pink hearts on your cheeks and makes sure your lips match. She clicks the padlocks into place on your corset, high heels, and the long pink wig cascading to your butt.

She tugs your big fairy princess wings into place and gives you one more big hug. "Okay, dear. Your fairy princess wand here has just enough money for bus fare and to pay the locksmith to take two of your locks off."

"But I have three locks, Princess!"

"Guess you'll have to pick one to keep or find some other way to pay. And because good girls don't talk backā€¦" She pokes your nose. "Programming mode on. Whenever someone says the word 'wish', you will be the Kiss Fairy for five minutes."

"You will become giggly, perky, introduce yourself to everyone around, and tell them that you'll give anyone a kiss wherever they want! Programming complete. Compile and install."

Your eyes flutter. Big smile for the Kiss Fairy you don't know is in your head yet!

Princess gives you a kiss on the forehead and nudges you towards the door. "Better hurry. The locksmith is all the way across town and you only have a few hours. Remember, there's plenty of people watching online, so you can ask them for help if you get in trouble. Have fun!"