The AAA guidebook for Mercí City has this to say about Mary Menace's Public House:

Behind the sleepy Irish pub facade, this local institution offers a colorful nightlife, mind-blowing mixed drinks alcoholic and otherwise, and food from a rotating selection of local restauraunts (pg. 43). Whether you're looking for a place to rest after a walking tour of Medusa Gardens or just looking for one more thing to do before bed, Mary's is a delight. Two diamonds.

At least, that's what the section that's framed on the wall says, and it's hard to argue with any individual part of it. No more than you could argue with the dart board on the left or the headline from Princess Pox's first gendervirus outbreak on the right.

You can tell it wasn't written by a patron because nobody can resist mentioning their favorite story. The time Dynamite Diva won a bet by blowing a hole her exact size and shape in the wall, then walking through. Starlight's debut with their Astrological Atomizer. Even tight-lipped Proprietrix can't stay quiet about the time Flynt and Steele did an entire dancing fountains routine with shot glasses and kerosene.

People come, people visit, people leave. From the occasional tourist that just wanted dinner and got an evening of Raychel Gunn's trick shots to the folks who've worn the same mantle and ordered the same drink three times a week for decades. The city is rich with hangout spots, from rooftops to diners to basements to, if you get invited to the good parties, volcano lairs. You may have a very long and happy cape career in Mercí City without ever setting foot in the place, but you're gonna hear its name.

And, if you're lucky, you may meet Mary herself. She's the one lifting her bar over her head.